Plan Options

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have 6 meal plans available for the entire academic year. If you need to purchase a meal plan, or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, simply contact the Business or Student Development Office.

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Meal Plan Information 

Meal Plans are non-transferable. Both meal plans, whether Traditional or Flex, are for the sole use of the purchaser. An ID card presented by someone other than the person pictured on the card will be confiscated and turned into Student Development. Family members are always welcome as our guests and can dine in the Dining Commons with you but require a 24 hour notice – stop by the main dining office to receive a voucher. Commuter students are not considered “guests”. Meal swipes are accepted at the Dining Commons and Sufficient Grounds daily.

Bethel Bucks 

Bethel Bucks are for those times when you may have to miss a meal or just want a snack. This money can be used at any Sodexo location; Dining Commons and Sufficient Grounds. Bethel Bucks carry over from fall semester to spring semester but are forfeited at the end of May term. Students are also able to utilize Bethel Bucks at Polito's, Tradewind's, and Puerto Vallarta Express restaurants.

The 10, 14, and 20 Traditional Meal plans allow the opportunity for you to eat up to 4 meals daily with a maximum of 2 meals in any given meal period with meals available being reset on Saturday nights for the new week. The Traditional plan gives you the benefit of knowing you will have available meals each week for the entire semester. The Traditional Meal Swipes become available on the first day of classes and will end on the last day of finals. During academic breaks, students on the Traditional Meal plans will be required to use cash or Bethel Bucks for meal purchases.

Traditional 10 Meal Plan
10 Meals per week plus $50 Bethel Bucks per semester. 

Traditional 14 Meal Plan
14 Meals per week plus $65 Bethel Bucks per semester.

Traditional 20 Meal Plan
20 Meals per week plus $90 Bethel Bucks per semester.

The Flex Meal plans are perfect for the person who may not be on campus for each particular meal period and chooses not to forfeit those missed meals. With the Flex plan there is no need to worry about Meal Periods or Guest Meals – these meals are yours to use whenever and for whomever you choose. If you run out of meals, a 25% discounted meal pricing will be available when using Bethel Bucks at the Dining Commons facility. Meals do not carry over to a new semester and cannot be used during May term. The Flex Meal Swipes become available on the first day of classes and will end on the last day of finals. 

Flex 100 Meal Plan
Flex 100 Meals & $450 Bethel Bucks per semester. 

Flex 125 Meal Plan
Block of 125 Meals & $350 Bethel Bucks per semester

Flex 160 Meal plan
Block of 160 Meals & $250 Bethel Bucks per semester

The Dining Services team has developed a dining plan for commuters. If you are a student who lives off campus and only comes to campus for classes this is for you. Stop by the Dining Commons to get a full, hot meal. It's guaranteed to beat fast food! If you would like to take advantage of the great dining program, we invite you to try the Commuter Meal Plan! 10 meals for $62.50.

Commuter Meal Plan (can also be purchased by Faculty and Staff)
Block of 10 Meals
Price: $62.50

Student Cash
Student cash is a convenient method for you to have funds available without actually having to carry cash with you. It can be used at on campus dining location including Dining Commons and Sufficient Grounds, as well as at our off campus restaurant locations: Tradewinds, Politos and Puerto Vallarta Express. Student Cash are funds voluntarily added to your student ID card and expire each year on August 1st. Student Cash is for Students only.
Price: $15 - $250